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The Owatonna Business Partnership meets monthly at The Kitchen in downtown Owatonna from 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.  Receive notices about meetings.

Owatonna Business Partnership at a Glance

Owatonna Business Partnership in Owatonna

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Owatonna Business Partnership

In 2010, the Owatonna Business Partnership combined with the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce.  Back then, the group had approximately 40 members.  In 2015, the Chamber decided to refocus so the Owatonna Business Partnership in Owatonna started again as its own independent not-profit group.

In the past, the OBP was the  primary sponsor for many annual civic events and seasonal attractions — the organization ran the Saturday Farmer’s Market in the summer, the 11@7 Concert series in Central Park and Hometown Holiday in winter, and Crazy Days, the town’s annual shopping bonanza.  Many of these events will still be planned by the group and used to promote Owatonna shopping.